Most Popular Magazine Subscriptions

For providing our users with the list of the most popular magazine subscriptions, we have made an extensive ranked list of various popular magazines which would help readers in deciding which magazine subscription to avail. We have used an extensive method for ranking these popular magazines and the ranks are based on the number of readers they enjoy, the best magazine deals they provide, the number of free magazine subscriptions they offer and many such factors. The discount magazine subscriptions are another added bonus to the ranking process that we are following. In a nutshell, all of these magazines enjoy a huge readership and a wide reader base.

Bottom 5 Magazine Subscriptions

Starting from number 10, we have the TV Guide which gives users the latest information about their favorite TV programs. Even though there are regular TV listings by major newspapers, TV Guide enjoys healthy magazine subscription numbers. At number 9, we have the Sports Illustrated, a magazine which would never be out of vogue. With a weekly circulation of about 4 million, this is one sports magazine with the highest magazine subscriptions. Time is another favorite at number 8 and is one of the oldest magazines around. The discount magazine subscription offered by Time is a good reason for the extensive user base it enjoys. Woman’s Day is at number 7 and it is mainly a woman’s magazine which covers most of the topics pertaining to women. The Game Informer is at number 6 and it is mainly a gaming magazine with the latest reviews, previews and demos of games.

Top 5 Magazine Subscriptions

Getting on with the top 5, we have the Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping at 5th and 4th, respectively. Both of these are women centric magazines and both enjoy a nice magazine subscription rate, especially due to the specific content and extensive product reviews of various household items. National Geographic magazine subscription ranks at number 3 due to the most amazing magazine content and the best magazine deals that it provides. Better Homes and Gardens is a very popular magazine which enjoys the 2nd spot on our board due to the complete magazine subscription packages that it offers. At the top most position of the most popular magazine subscriptions, we have the Reader’ Digest with its impeccable content, free magazine subscriptions and magazine deals.